Tuesday’s Racism

On the couch, bored, clicking through the amount of junk on my Facebook’s news feed, I (thankfully) stumbled over this post by Ads Of The World. It’s for Multipass Travel, an Ukrainian travel agency that mainly specialises in Asian travel destinations. Tabasco, where the magic happened, executed a concept which I personally find utterly offensive. Besides the fact that it’s obviously racist, it doesn’t even work. The copy “See Asia like Asians Do” requires you to stretch your eyes in order to read the text. Or, if you’re like me, you don’t even have to do that. The idea could’ve been materialised in so many other ways than casual racism. I’m still puzzled about what ‘eye screwing’ means and I slightly feel sorry for the amount of s#!t the creatives will receive.

Next time a travel agency will need a fresh, racist and offensive concept, it would probably be a great idea to make people go into a dark room that says “See Africa like black people do!” in UV paint.


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