To Lion, Or Not To Lion?

As we all know, or at least the ones in the industry know, the 59th Edition of the Cannes Lions is fast approaching. And no, this is not about the glam film festival. It’s about the roaring, gold-like Lions, the sought-after awards every agency is dying to put their hands on. Comprised of 15 categories, new ones every year, the festival is getting bigger and bigger and the competition more intense. Let’s just say outstanding creativity is awarded, in other words, advertising agencies get another chance to boost their egos and acquire a bit more prestige. For some it’s a matter of self-affirmation but for some it’s a measure of success.

Still, I’m sitting here thinking, is it really a measure of success? As much as I would like to braid one of those lion’s hair one day, whilst putting up a chuffed smile (evil pinky finger at the corner of my mouth optional), I’m still wondering if that’s the way to measure a campaign’s success. Is it about exquisite art concepts and intricate designs or the beloved ROI? In an era where everyone is trying to reach as many consumers as possible with minimum investment, some may say client satisfaction is one of the best awards an agency can get. Do we want to make art, or do we want to sell? If there’s a fine line between those two, one can only hope this line is found at least once during their career.


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